Rocha BC Chunky Chalk 450g

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May friction be with you with the high-quality Chunky Chalk from Rocha BC. A big bag with 450g of chunky pieces of chalk ensures a long-lasting merking of all moisture to keep your friction levels high.

Chunky Chalk by Rocha BC is magnesium carbonate extracted from seawater using an innovative and sustainable method. This process harnesses the ocean's natural resources, ensuring pure, eco-friendly chalk without the need for extensive purification. Climb higher and grip better, knowing you're using a product that's as kind to the planet as it is to your hands.

Comes in a beautiful resealable bag, made from 100% eco-friendly white paper, with biodegradable foil and PLA.


450g MgCO₂. Maturally sourced Magnesium Carbonate extrated from seawater.