Boulders Hvidovre, Odense & Aarhus Syd hosted the Lattice Training of legendary Tom Randall’s DK TOUR in May 2023, and it didn’t go uncaptured. 📸

Tom coached more than 100 climbers at Boulders this time. Lattice Founder and Coach, Tom Randall, has a climbing career spanning 26 years; with 20 of those also being spent coaching climbing, as well as athletics and Tae Kwon Do. 🏆

We documented unforgettable moments of off-the-wall training, open climbing sessions, sharing knowledge & experiences, and a lot of fun times together. These were the vibes, the settings and the people.

If you’ve been there, share with us what you brought home. We’re thrilled to hear about your experience. 😊

If you haven’t been there, keep an eye open for future events. 👀 Lattice Training ain’t going anywhere.

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